Farmhouse Pale Ale

Our flagship farmhouse ale. Saison brewed with American hops. 6%


American grisette. Dry hopped and citrusy. 5%


Blonde saison brewed with European hops. 5%


Farmhouse IPA. 6.5%


Bière de Printemps. A Malt-forward springtime farmhouse ale, with a delicate noble hop aroma. 5.5%

Black Light

Dark farmhouse ale. 6%


Our original grisette. A rustic blonde ale brewed with spelt and european hops. 4%


Subtly smoked blonde farmhouse ale. 5%


Italian-style pils. 5% abv


Smoked biere de garde. 6%



Wet hopped saison brewed with Maine grown hops and grains. 6.5%

Space Cowboy

Biére du Pays. French-style country ale with delicate noble hop character. 4%


Strong, dark, winter farmhouse ale. 9% abv.


European-hopped saison brewed in collaboration with Birrificio Italiano.

Native Wild

Native/Wild is a spontaneously-fermented farmhouse ale brewed with Maine grains, aged hops, and well water. Native microflora and wild yeasts inoculate the cooling wort overnight in a traditional coolship at our rural farmhouse brewery.


A mixed-fermentation ale of the afterlife. Barrel-fermented dark saison.

Moon Rocks

Stainless-aged mixed fermentation grisette brewed with raw Maine spelt and fermented and aged with house culture of yeast and bacteria in stainless steel tanks. 4.5%

Tourist Season

Dry-hopped single-hop farmhouse ale brewed w/ rotating hop varietals. 4.5%

Town Line Porter

Dry American black ale brewed with spelt. 5.5%

Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale

Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale is an American saison that has been aged in American and French oak barrels. The extended aging process creates a lightly tart and funky character that is balanced by gentle hints of vanilla. Like all Oxbow beers, this authentic farmhouse ale was brewed with well water at our rural Maine brewery. 6.5%


American Sour Ale, fermented and aged in bourbon barrels. 8.5%


Barrel-aged mixed-fermentation farmhouse ale brewed with estate honey. 6.5%

Blended Oxtoberfest

Sour, smokey biere de garde. A blend of multiple vintages of barrel-aged Oxtoberfest. 6.5%


BOBASA is a combination of 1 and 2 year old barrel-aged smoked Biere de Garde blended with fresh farmhouse ale and aged in the bottle for an additional 8 months. 6% abv.


Barrel-aged/fermented blonde farmhouse ale spiced w/ cara cara orange juice & zest. 6.5%


Strong dark ale aged in bourbon barrels. 10%


Blend of hop-forward saisons. 5%

Double Daisy Farmer

Double Daisy Farmer is a farmhouse ale that was fermented with spontaneously-inoculated wort and mixed cultures. Prior to bottle conditioning with brettanomyces it was extensively dry-hopped with classic American hop varietals. Brewed in collaboration with Half Acre Beer Co. of Chicago, Illinois. 8%

Etoile du Maine

Rustic blonde saison aged in oak and gently dry-hopped in the barrel prior to bottle conditioning. Collaboration with Daniel Thiriez of Brasserie Thiriez, Esquelbec, France. 6%


Dry-hopped farmhouse ale fermented with brettanomyces. 7.5%

Infinite Darkness

Stainless-aged Belgian imperial stout 10%


Mixed-fermentation barrel-aged dark farmhouse ale, brewed using 95% Maine grains including malted barley from Aroostook County & organic triticale, brewed in collaboration w/ Monkish Brewing Company - 7%

La Griseta

Mixed-fermentation grisette. Collaboration with Naparbier of Pamplona, Spain. 3.8%

Life On Bière de Mars

Life On is a lightly smoked Bière de Mars produced by blending barrel-aged beer with fresh farmhouse ale. 6%

Liquid Swords 2014

Select blends of our finest barrel-aged farmhouse ales. 2014 edition is amber in color and showcases a deep woodiness, juicy tart fruit character and clean, dry finish.

Liquid Swords 2015

This years vintage of our annual grand cru is a tart, dry barrel-aged bière de garde composed of a blend of our finest barrels. 7%

Liquid Swords 2016

Barrel-aged farmhouse ale. Liquid swords is our annual Grand Cru. A blend of our finest barrels. 5% ABV

Liquid Swords 2016 - Blueberry Wine Barrel-Aged Edition

Our 2016 Barrel-Aged Grand Cru additionally matured in freshly emptied Maine Blueberry wine barrels. 6%

Liquid Swords 2017

Liquid Swords is our annual Grand Cru. The 2017 blend incorporates barrel-aged Bière de Garde and dark farmhouse ales.

Low Bush

Blended farmhouse ale w/ blueberries 6.5%



Barrel aged farmhouse ale blended w/ freshly pressed peaches 7%

Mr. Sparkle

Mixed-fermentation farmhouse table beer 3.5%


Barrel-aged farmhouse ale brewed w/ oats, rye & wheat 6.5%

Primus Surprise

Barrel aged blend of two very special blonde ales. Collaboration with Liquid Riot. 5.5%

Saison de Kuaska

Brewed with our friend Lorenzo "Kuaska" Dabove in the spring of 2014. Saison de Kuaska is a delicate blonde farmhouse ale aged for 16 months in American and French oak. 5%

Saison Dell'Aragosta

Gose - inspired seaside saison brewed with live Maine lobsters and sea salt. Collaboration with Birrificio del Ducato of Parma, Italy. 4.5%

Saison Rosé

Mixed-fermentation farmhouse ale, fermented w/ pinot noir grape juice & aged on estate cherries, strawberries & raspberries. 6.0%


Rice saison fermented with brettanomyces. 5.5%

Stillbow Oxtisanal

Blonde ale aged 20 months in Maine blueberry wine barrels. Brewed in collaboration with Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisanal 6.5%


Blend of barrel-aged farmhouse ales aged 12 to 30 months. 8%

3 Barrels Deep

Ale aged six months in a bourbon barrel, six months in a white wine barrel, six months in a red wine barrel and conditioned for an additional six months in the bottle before being released at our 2 year anniversary. 8.5%

Dirty Thirty

Farmhouse flanders red aged 28 months in oak. 9%


Blended dark farmhouse ale aged in Millstone Cellars cider barrels with raspberries. 8.5%

First Fruits

Blended farmhouse fruit beer aged 6-12 months in barrels with cherries, raspberries and Oxbow grown strawberries. 7%

Original Deluxe

Biere de Garde brewed in collaboration with Brian Stumke of Stillwater Artisanal Ales. 8%

Super Deluxe

Super Saison, extra super in every way. 9.5%


Farmhouse Rauchbier brewed with Maine maple syrup. Collaboration with Freigeist of Cologne, Germany. 7%.

FPA Surprise

Our flagship farmhouse ale conditioned with brettanomyces. 6%

Freestyle 666

Belgian Golden Strong Ale - 9%

Freestyle 42

European-hopped saison brewed with rye. 6%

Freestyle 40

dry-hopped saison featuring 100% Maine grains with hops from The Hop Yard. 5.5%

Freestyle 39

Dry-hopped American super saison. 8.5%

Freestyle 38

German Style Pils. 5% ABV

Freestyle 37

Petite Saison hopped w/ Galaxy & Citra 4.5%

Freestyle 36

Biere De Garde. 8% abv

Freestyle 35

Dry-hopped German style pilsner. 4.5%

Freestyle 34

Dark farmhouse ale. 7.5%

Freestyle 33

American Pale Ale brewed with Equinox hops. 5%

Freestyle 32

Blonde IPA. European hop bitterness meets American hop aroma. 6%

Freestyle 31

Petite saison brewed in collaboration with 2SP Brewing Company of Aston Pennsylvania. 3.5%

Freestyle 30

Birthday Ale. 8.5%

Freestyle 29

Rice biere de garde. 6%

Freestyle 28

Blonde IPA brewed w/ American hops. 6%

Freestyle 27

Robust oatmeal porter. 7%

Freestyle 26

East Coast IPA.

Freestyle 25

Czech red ale.

Freestyle 24

American blonde IPA.

Freestyle 23

Belgian imperial stout. Collaboration with Infiniti of Portland, Maine. 10.5%

Freestyle 22

Blonde saison.

Freestyle 20

Holiday IPA.

Freestyle 19

Heritage IPA.

Freestyle 18

Spelt porter.

Freestyle 17

Blonde saison.

Freestyle 16

Amber saison.

Freestyle 15

Extra hoppy session ale.

Freestyle 14

Blonde saison.

Freestyle 13

Old world saison.

Freestyle 12

Midcoast IPA.

Freestyle 11

Dry-hopped black saison.

Freestyle 10

Rye saison.

Freestyle 8

Merican IPA.

Freestyle 7

Belgian stout.

Freestyle 6

Dry-hopped American saison.

Freestyle 5

Black wheat saison.

Freestyle 4

Maibock-inspired saison

Freestyle 3

Black saison.