Newcastle Brewery

274 Jones Woods Rd, Newcastle ME 05443

Our farmhouse brewery and tasting room are located in beautiful Newcastle, Maine. In addition to our brewing and farming operations, we also have a small rustic tasting room onsite. Our farmhouse is available to rent; check out our Outdoor Recreation options as well.


Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday – Closed

Thursday 12-7pm

Friday 12-9pm

Saturday 12-7pm

Sunday 12-7pm


Draft beers currently available:


Farmhouse Pale Ale

Our flagship farmhouse ale. Saison brewed with American hops. 6%


American grisette. Dry hopped and citrusy. 5%


Our original grisette. A rustic blonde ale brewed with spelt and european hops. 4%


Wet hopped saison brewed with Maine grown hops and grains. 6.5%

Freestyle 666

Belgian Golden Strong Ale - 9%

Bottled beers available to go:


Native Wild

Native/Wild is a spontaneously-fermented farmhouse ale brewed with Maine grains, aged hops, and well water. Native microflora and wild yeasts inoculate the cooling wort overnight in a traditional coolship at our rural farmhouse brewery.

Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale

Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale is an American saison that has been aged in American and French oak barrels. The extended aging process creates a lightly tart and funky character that is balanced by gentle hints of vanilla. Like all Oxbow beers, this authentic farmhouse ale was brewed with well water at our rural Maine brewery. 6.5%


BOBASA is a combination of 1 and 2 year old barrel-aged smoked Biere de Garde blended with fresh farmhouse ale and aged in the bottle for an additional 8 months. 6% abv.


Blend of hop-forward saisons. 5%

Double Daisy Farmer

Double Daisy Farmer is a farmhouse ale that was fermented with spontaneously-inoculated wort and mixed cultures. Prior to bottle conditioning with brettanomyces it was extensively dry-hopped with classic American hop varietals. Brewed in collaboration with Half Acre Beer Co. of Chicago, Illinois. 8%


Rice saison fermented with brettanomyces. 5.5%


Blend of barrel-aged farmhouse ales aged 12 to 30 months. 8%