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3 Barrels Deep

Barrel-Aged Dark Farmhouse Ale

3 Barrels Deep is a barrel-fermented dark farmhouse aleFarmhouse AlesFarmhouse Ales refers to the family of French and Belgian beer styles produced seasonally on working farms with well water, local ingredients and often with wild yeast and native microflora. While originally these were provisional beers brewed for consumption by seasonal workers, breweries began producing higher strength and aged versions for commercial appeal.Learn More agedBarrel-agedBarrel-aging at Oxbow takes place in our Portland warehouse where an array of farmhouse ales are aged anywhere from a few months to several years in various sized wine, bourbon, and other spirit barrels. Barrels contribute complex tannins and vanillins and the porous wood is ideal for harboring yeast and bacteria which reproduce and create...Learn More six months in Bourbon barrels, six months in white wine barrels and six months in red wine barrels.

Color Dark Brown
Packaging Format 500mL btl
ABV 9%