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Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale with Honey

Catalyst is a barrel-agedBarrel-agedBarrel-aging at Oxbow takes place in our Portland warehouse where an array of farmhouse ales are aged anywhere from a few months to several years in various sized wine, bourbon, and other spirit barrels. Barrels contribute complex tannins and vanillins and the porous wood is ideal for harboring yeast and bacteria which reproduce and create...Learn More Bière de MielBière de MielBière de Miel is a French/Belgian style of beer traditionally brewed with locally harvested honey. We utilize raw wildflower honey from our beehives at our Newcastle brewery to produce Catalyst, our barrel-aged bière de miel. The intense aromatic honey character is fully present in the beer while the sugar is fully fermented, contributing to a...Learn More featuring Maine honey. A copious amount of raw wildflower honey is added in the kettle and additionally utilized for bottle-conditioning.

Production Method Barrel-aged, Mixed-fermentation
Color Gold
Packaging Format 500mL btl
ABV 6.5%