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Double Daisy Farmer

Stainless-Aged Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale

Double Daisy Farmer is a farmhouse aleFarmhouse AlesFarmhouse Ales refers to the family of French and Belgian beer styles produced seasonally on working farms with well water, local ingredients and often with wild yeast and native microflora. While originally these were provisional beers brewed for consumption by seasonal workers, breweries began producing higher strength and aged versions for commercial appeal.Learn More that was fermented with spontaneously-inoculated wort and mixed culturesMixed FermentationMixed fermentation is short for “mixed culture fermentation” and is any fermentation that incorporates brewers yeast, brettanomyces, and bacteria, usually in the form of lactobacillus and pediococcus. The blend of yeast and bacteria produces a myriad of complex flavors and creates acidity over a long, slow fermentation time. Our mixed culture includes a healthy pitch...Learn More. Prior to bottle conditioningBottle ConditionedBottle Conditioning is a traditional process where yeast and sugar are added to flat beer at packaging which initiates a re-fermentation in the keg or bottle that naturally carbonates the beer. Our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized which allows active yeast and bacteria to continue to develop over time in the package. For Native/Wild we...Learn More with  brettanomycesBrettanomycesBrettanomyces is a genus or type of wild yeast which ferments sugars in beer over a long slow process, producing an array of complex flavor and aromatic compounds. This yeast exists everywhere in the wild but in brewing is traditionally traced to the UK and more notably, Belgium. We utilize Brettanomyces in all of our...Learn More it was extensively dry-hoppedDry-hoppedDry-hopping is when fresh, whole cone, leaf, or pelletized hops are added to a beer during or after fermentation. This imparts bright hop aromatics without significantly contributing to bitterness. We showcase both American and continental European hops across a variety of our farmhouse ales and lagers.Learn More with classic American hop varietals. Brewed in collaboration with Half Acre Beer Co. of Chicago, Illinois.

Color Gold
Packaging Format 500mL btl
ABV 8%