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Wet-Hopped Saison

Harvest is a wet-hoppedWet-hoppedWet hops are freshly harvested hops that are taken directly from the bines to the brewery and used in the kettle and/or later used for dry-hopping. Because these hops have peak oil and moisture content when harvested, they contribute bright, juicy flavors and aromatics. Every year we produce Harvest which is our wet-hopped saison that...Learn More farmhouse aleFarmhouse AlesFarmhouse Ales refers to the family of French and Belgian beer styles produced seasonally on working farms with well water, local ingredients and often with wild yeast and native microflora. While originally these were provisional beers brewed for consumption by seasonal workers, breweries began producing higher strength and aged versions for commercial appeal.Learn More brewed with Maine-grown grains and hops.

Production Method Fresh Farmhouse Beer
Color Gold
Packaging Format 12oz Can / 4 Pack
ABV 7%