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Life On

Barrel-Aged Bière de Mars

Life On is a lightly smoked Bière de MarsBière de MarsBière de Mars is a French farmhouse ale brewed during the winter for March consumption and is typically lighter in color and body than bière de garde. We produce Life On Bière de Mars by blending various barrel-aged French-style farmhouse ales.Learn More produced by blendingBlendingBlending is the art and science of selectively combining young and aged beers from a vast array of different barrels and tanks. When blending, we contemplate and choose barrels and beers with varying levels of acidity, oak tannins, flavors, textures, and aromatics which will enhance the overall character of the finished beer.Learn More barrel-agedBarrel-agedBarrel-aging at Oxbow takes place in our Portland warehouse where an array of farmhouse ales are aged anywhere from a few months to several years in various sized wine, bourbon, and other spirit barrels. Barrels contribute complex tannins and vanillins and the porous wood is ideal for harboring yeast and bacteria which reproduce and create...Learn More beer with Fresh Farmhouse AleFresh Farmhouse AleOur Fresh Farmhouse Ales are styles and brands which are best consumed young and fresh. As these beers age, their flavor profile will drop off which is why it is crucial to store these beers cold and serve within our Enjoy Within guidelines.Learn More.

Production Method Barrel-aged, Mixed-fermentation, Smoked
Color Amber
Packaging Format 500mL btl
ABV 6%