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Dry-Hopped Saison

Saisontino is an European  dry-hoppedDry-hoppedDry-hopping is when fresh, whole cone, leaf, or pelletized hops are added to a beer during or after fermentation. This imparts bright hop aromatics without significantly contributing to bitterness. We showcase both American and continental European hops across a variety of our farmhouse ales and lagers.Learn More saisonSaisonSaison means “season” in French and refers to the “saisonaires” or the seasonal farm workers of Wallonia who consumed farmhouse ales during the summer which were produced during the cooler months. These provisional beers were also called saisons and were nourishing and more potable than potentially-contaminated well water. Saisons are blonde in color with a...Learn More brewed in collaboration with Birrificio Italiano.

Production Method Collaboration, Fresh Farmhouse Beer
Color Blonde
Packaging Format 16oz Can / 4 Pack
ABV 5%