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"It Came From the Cellar"  Liz Cooper, Lake Over Fire, Lily Seabird - Live at Oxbow

“It Came from the Cellar” – Halloween Party with Liz Cooper with Lake Over Fire and Lily Seabird at Blending & Bottling

October 29, 2023 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
| music

Live at Oxbow – Liz Cooper with Lake Over Fire, and Lily Seabird

“IT Came from the Cellar” Halloween Party

Come and celebrate Halloween with us at Oxbow Blending and Bottling… if you dare.

We have a rare treat for you this Halloween season, we’re reaching back into our supply of sought after and carefully kept mixed-fermentation Farmhouse Ales and will be featuring ten vintage Oxbow beers: “IT Came from the Cellar”.

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| Liz Cooper |

On the porch of her one-time Nashville home, Liz Cooper had a multimedia project that combined two of her loves: lips and cigarettes. She painted her own lips with red paint and kissed a canvas two or three hundred times, later dotting them with the detritus left behind in ashtrays by her friends. An overlap of intimacy, indulgence, cheekiness, and sensuality, the piece complements Cooper’s roiling second record, Hot Sass. Over jagged, frenetic guitar parts, Cooper sets expectations aflame with the record’s title track. Her songs unfurl like smoke spiraling off an incense cone late in the afternoon, with Cooper.

| Lake Over Fire |

Lake Over Fire is a Maine-based hyper chaotic queer post-punk quartet weaving sneaky doomsday disco tunes for lovers, fighters, psychiatric patients, weirdos, and absurdists. Drawing their name and inspiration from the 49th hexagram of the I Ching which symbolizes alchemical change, the group is hard at work exploring the sublimation of pain and rage into ecstasy and liberation. Through screeching guitars, asymmetrical drums, and mesmeric basslines erupt glittering melodies and hauntingly playful vocal acrobatics. The group’s live set presents a bombastic, super-unleaded-plus, smooth roller coaster ride creating and cutting the tension with deft and sadistic control. Described as “like The Cramps on bath salts” by a satisfied fan outside of a recent concert, the band finds it a great honor to welcome all sorts into their catharsis.

| Lily Seabird |

“Lily Seabird writes songs that are at once confessional and cathartic and full of pop hooks. It’s a devastating combo, heightened by the juxtaposition of her ethereal voice and the grit that she and her band put into Beside Myself’s tracks.” – Chris Farnsworth – Seven Days

[$20 ADV/$25 DOS | Doors 6pm]