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Hunter Root

May 24 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
| music

Oxbow Live: Hunter Root with Silver Heels

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| Hunter Root |

Few artists embody the spirit of creative exploration as seamlessly as Pennsylvania-based multi-instrumentalist Hunter Root. His journey is a tale of passion and resilience, and his success is a testament to his intuition and his unique musical vision.

Raised in an environment steeped in classic rock, Hunter’s musical foundation was built alongside his older brother who introduced him to guitar, and opened his eyes to the power of songwriting. As a founding member of the psychedelic rock outfit Medusa’s Disco, Hunter honed his skills on stage, and gained invaluable insight into the labyrinthine workings of the music industry.

Embracing a genre-fluid approach, Hunter’s music weaves together elements of acoustic rock, folk, grunge, and more. His approach to songwriting has evolved over the years, shifting from a lyric-centric process to a music-first methodology. This shift has allowed Hunter to match emotive soundscapes with the narrative potency of his songs, yielding compositions rich in both meaning and emotion. He employs a similarly immersive approach to music production. He writes, records, mixes, and produces all his albums, an uncompromising process that is both demanding and gratifying.

Hunter’s personal experiences heavily influence his music. His acclaimed 2023 album, ‘Arkansas,’ was created as a tribute following the passing of his older brother in 2020, beautifully encapsulating his introspection. Despite calling Central Pennsylvania home, the four years he spent in Arkansas during his youth had a profound impact on his artistry. Consequently, each song is a deeply personal narrative, an homage to the sights, sounds, aches, and scars found there.

Hunter’s music achieved viral success through TikTok and Instagram, where his songs ‘Town Rat Heathen’ and ‘Quicksand Sinking’ struck a chord with users worldwide. He swiftly accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers across both platforms, inevitably driving traffic to Spotify, where his singles have garnered millions of plays.

2024 will see Hunter continue to build on his momentum, as he plans an extensive series of tour dates accompanied by his live band. For more information, please visit

| Silver Heels |

Original members of Silver Heels first came together by a stroke of luck in 2018 and began developing their dynamic, eclectic sound both on stage and around the campfire. When, in 2019, guitarist and songwriter Owen Howes approached the band with a set of original lyrics, a first album began to take shape. Silver Heels’ live show is a high energy mix of Folk Rock sounds with roots in Blues and American Traditional. The band’s current iteration is Ian Leavitt (vocals/keyboard/guitar), Mike O’Neal (saxophone), David Vitali (drums), Charles Kemos (lead guitar), and Joe Greene (bass).

[$12 ADV/$15 DOS | Doors 730 PM | Show 8 PM]