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Matt Pond PA & Alexa Rose – Blending & Bottling

February 22 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
| music

Oxbow Live: Matt Pond PA & Alexa Rose

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| Matt Pond PA & Alexa Rose |

ALEXA: I grew up in the mountains of western Virginia. These mountains are some of the oldest in the world, and time has worn their peaks gently, but some are still enchanted by snow in the winter. I was obsessed with that elusive snow, which sometimes blessed the neighboring towns but seldom visited our tiny holler. I listened to the radio in the dark hours of morning, waiting for our county to be added to the list of school closings. Underneath the snow day, there’s a longing for peace, for the wheels of the world to stop for a while. In high school, someone slipped me a mix CD with songs I have long forgotten—except one. “Snow Day” by Matt Pond PA finally explained this feeling to me: “The people we have become still lay awake, hoping to hear airwaves say, ‘Snow day, snow day.’ ” It did what a good song is supposed to do: make you feel seen, like the way you feel about something is not only normal but important. A decade later, I wrote a song called “Wild Peppermint” with a lyric mentioning the mix CD and Matt Pond PA.

MATT: The first time I heard “Wild Peppermint,” I got chills. I couldn’t believe that such a wildly talented musician would mention my name in a song. There’s nothing greater than being appreciated by someone you admire. It seemed natural to ask if Alexa would sing on a song I’d written. We spoke on the phone and seemed to understand each other, furthering the natural progression.

ALEXA: Through the miracle of the internet, Matt heard the song and reachedout to me. It was such a kind gesture, and a full circle moment. As it turns out,we’re both weird, gloomy songwriters with a penchant for nostalgia. It’s an easy friendship.

MATT: She drove up from Virginia to the Hudson Valley, and during the hottestweek of the summer in July 2023, we started building music that resonated with everyone involved: Chris Hansen recording and accompanying on guitar, Hilary James on cello, and Claudia Forest on violin. These collaborations are the reason I continue making music.

| Bathtub Cig |

Bathtub cig is the intimate depression pop project of Hilary James. Born in a Minneapolis bedroom the spring of 2017, it is an honest attempt at coping with her long struggle with mental health. She is joined by Dave Power on drums, Skyler Nowinski on bass, and Hannah Heble on synth, flute and harmony.

Their 2018 debut EP “Old Light” draws comparisons to a synth-pop version of Frankie Cosmo with raw lyrics. 2021 Ep “bed” is both a dream-like and hazy musing on quarantine as well as a heartbreaking attempt to cope with grief. In a departure from James’ first full band EP “Old Light”, this new release is a stripped down solo voyage. Hilary is joined by Addie Strei (Adelyn Rose) on clarinet, flute, and bass to create beautiful textures to balance out the loneliness of the electric guitar. Their 2022 debut full length “Night Blindness” has been described as a clever and dark Gen Z Ode, putting our hardest thoughts into music.

New single “Red Pine” will be out on February 2, 2024.

[$15 ADV/$18 DOS | Doors 7PM | Show 730PM]