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Oxbow Beer Garden in Oxford will be closed this Friday 5/24 for a private event

ShrapKnel: Nobody Planning to Leave Tour

June 14 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
| music

Oxbow Live: ShrapKnel with Phiik & Lungs, Pink Navel, Brightboy, and Jesse the Tree

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Nobody Planning to Leave Tour


| ShrapKnel |

Curly Castro and PremRock; a duo as dissimilar as they are made for each other. The two artists are a veritable study in contrasts and contradictions, Castro was born and raised in Brooklyn but lives in Philadelphia, PremRock grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania but has been in New York since ‘08. Castro’s militant wordplay, reggae-influences, and booming baritone somehow perfectly balance PremRock’s silver-tongued flows, literary allusions and deadpan humor. ShrapKnel is a Venn diagram of ill communications; Schooly D to Stromile Swift. Def Jux to Detlef Schremf. Students of Black Uhuru and Breeze Brewin, Baldwin and Bukowski. Steel sharpens steel and this blade is as sharp as it gets.

| Phiik & Lungs |

Phiik & Lungs are rappers and swordsman representing the Brooklyn hip hop collective Tase Grip. When their powers combine, they create Another Planet; A duo committed to exploring the farthest reaches of the art form and known universe. Creators of the Another Planet 1-4 tapes, and deliverers of halting rhymes and dizzying bars, both individuals are heavily influenced by what surrounds them. Navigating the maze, one mission at a time. They look to continue pushing the envelope with the forthcoming body of work Carrot Season, a full tape produced by Olasegun.

| Pink Navel |

Pink Navel is a non-binary / gender-nonconforming rapper from the south shore of New England. Growing up, pop culture, videogames, cartoons, and various media quenched Navels thirst for unique outlets of creativity. As a self proclaimed scholar of social media, videogame and internet culture, and outsider music, Navel uses their varied and wide range of influences to craft a truly new and special take on the indie rap of today. Representing the Poet Gang known as Ruby Yacht, Navel never disappoints with a loud, energetic live performance. After touring the U.S. for the last 6 years, their experience shines bright.

| Brightboy |

Hailing from Boston with a life like a dreamy montage. One moment he’s surrounded by bulky 80s rack stacks in his a/v tech dads mobile production lab, Jazz on the hi-fi. Next, on a commune in the forest, with his psychic Gemini mother and his yin-yang twin brother, sounds of laughter lofting from the lake. I’d say he was born under a RAD sign. For Bright Boy, music was always just a part of life. Memories of dropping rhymes on walks home as a youth, beatboxing and cracking jokes. Picking up sticks and busting a slick break his first time sitting at a kit. His brilliant skills on stage come from his natural good humor and impromptu impersonations of everybody’s favorite cartoons. Which characters? All of them. Theme songs? Yep. To the T with a comedic twist on top.

| Jesse the Tree |

After a decade of exploring the underground, touring territories most indie emcees never even glimpse, scattering his styles across singles and stages and Soundcloud streams, Jesse the Tree finally found a home right back where he started with the Ocean State’s own Strange Famous Records. And now that he’s home, it’s time to start letting the world hear what he has to offer.


[$13 ADV/$17 DOS | Doors 830PM | Show 9pm]