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Now is the time to visit a brewery in Portland, Maine.

There are currently 11.3 breweries per capita in Maine, the third-highest in the US, which itself is a jump of two places since 2016. There are tons of options available, too — and plenty of ways to explore those options.

Oxbow Blending & Bottling

East End
Nearly 50 miles southwest of its original home base/farm of operations is Oxbow’s Portland outpost, which houses more than 200 oak barrels and dozens of stainless steel tanks. Production focuses on mixed-fermentation or sour beers that require extended aging, like the Surfer Rosa, which is a subtly funky choice. The taproom itself shares its courtyard with a Duckfat stand — aka New England fry and poutine royalty — and, inside, local art fills the walls and a Ms. Pacman is in the corner.

The beer you shouldn’t skip: To take advantage of everything Oxbow is known for, try the Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale, an American-hopped, mixed-fermentation saison aged in oak barrels.

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