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Native/Wild Barrel Select #89

Spontaneously-Fermented Farmhouse Ale

Native/Wild Barrel Select: 89 is a fermented ale agedBarrel-agedBarrel-aging at Oxbow takes place in our Portland warehouse where an array of farmhouse ales are aged anywhere from a few months to several years in various sized wine, bourbon, and other spirit barrels. Barrels contribute complex tannins and vanillins and the porous wood is ideal for harboring yeast and bacteria which reproduce and create...Learn More for 14 months in a single French red wine barrel, followed by an additional 10 months of bottle conditioningBottle ConditionedBottle Conditioning is a traditional process where yeast and sugar are added to flat beer at packaging which initiates a re-fermentation in the keg or bottle that naturally carbonates the beer. Our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized which allows active yeast and bacteria to continue to develop over time in the package. For Native/Wild we...Learn More

Color Gold
Packaging Format 750mL btl
ABV 6%