Bag of Tricks – Andrew Scripter / Jimmy Viera

399_10207123435417707_6763859340156697344_nBag Of Tricks is a two-man show featuring new works by Andrew Scripter and Jimmy Viera These new works showcase the continued dialogue in the two artists work which started over five years ago as studio-mates in college. Interests in pattern, gesture,
geometry, nostalgia, typography, and vintage design, are explored across all of the works. In an effort to create a wider range of marks, and feel of marks, Scripter and Viera have used every mark making instrument but the kitchen sink while creating these works. Switching between different forms of printing and hand application, each piece could have anything from pencil to uv digital prints. You can see more of their work at their websites: Jimmy Viera , Andrew Scripter , and Lastly Wing Club Press.